Frequently Asked Questions">

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple. It’s the ‘Place To Go’ for all of us to connect, share, engage and interact with each other, right from the website! Pretty cool, right? It’s one of a kind in the world. From the PPA you can; create your own mini-website with everything anyone needs to know about you professionally.

You can also search for staff, connect with learning providers, book your place in courses including our global first certification program for our industry - and order publications. You can also find service providers and ‘surf’ company profiles for work – if that’s what you need too! If you haven’t already, have a look at our ‘join today’ page to see what’s on offer. You’re going to love it!

Easy. Choose a membership level that has ‘Linked Profile’ features. That’s our Professional and our ‘Enterprise’ membership levels. With linked profiles, your ‘parent’ profile owns all the linked profiles.

You control them from your dashboard – or delegate it out to another person to manage – totally up to you. What’s great – is all your linked profiles share the same membership level as the parent profile that owns them.

Sure you can. On your profile dashboard, you will see a green ‘Upgrade Profile’ button. Click that and follow the prompts. You’ll be upgraded in no time. Similarly, you can downgrade your membership through your dashboard too (although we hope you don’t!) just click into the ‘Manage account’ tab on your profile dashboard and follow the onscreen prompts.

Our Terms of Use detail what happens when you do so, in terms of pro-rata fees if you have are already one of our paid member plans.

Our Privacy Policy covers all of this information.

We protect our member’s information at all times. If we open up the website content to any visitor – members may receive reviews of their products and services that are not verifiable.

Additionally, we don’t want our members to be subject to spam or any unwanted contact – so that’s why we do require you to become a member. It’s cool though – there is a free profile option – so you don’t have to give over any information other than a name and an email address, that once activated (by a link we will email to you straight away) will allow you to search the Academy for what you need, connect, engage and interact with the member community and place reviews on those members you have interacted with.

The PPA blog entries are written by members of the PPA Team and are quality checked and assured by the Manager of the PPA, Jodie Goldney.

Our lovely team of operators in our ‘membership’ and ‘support ‘ sections of our customer centre are ready and waiting right now to respond to any ‘contact us’ queries you may submit and also to take your calls to our 1300 PRACTICE (1300 772284) number.

That’s ok – when you joined, a welcome email will have been sent to your email address that you joined up with. Check your SPAM or JUNK folders.

Some email platforms may send our initial emails to those folders rather than your inbox. If you can’t find it - just send us a ‘contact us’ request and we will call you, send it again and make sure you have it sorted.

Check you’re connected to the internet. Sometimes if your internet drops out, results will to! Otherwise, open up your search criteria in the ‘Advanced Search bar’ a little bit. May be your search is too narrow to find members. Also – you may try opening up your location search a little too.

There might not be members in a specific area; but using the proximity slider might give you better results

Excellent! That’s great news. Our enterprise members are our exclusive VIPs and as such, we treat you that way!

We want to ensure you have the features and inclusions you need – so send us a ‘contact us’ request with a date and suitable window of time for us to call you to discuss your needs - and one of our account managers from our membership team will give you a call back to get your enterprise plan up and running in no time!

Our lovely team of operators in our ‘membership’ and ‘support ‘ sections of our customer centre are ready and waiting right now to respond to any ‘contact us’ queries you may submit and also to take your calls to our 1300 PRACTICE (1300 772284) number.

Awesome. We have a really extensive library of courses offered by learning providers to our industry. It’s growing everyday – have a look at our website here to review the current library.

Really safe. We have SSL Certificates on all our sites and use a secure payment gateway to protect your information and transactions.

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